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The Society for Creative Anachronism has been a pretty major part of my life. It is where I met my spouse, raised my kids, have most of my dearest friends, and have spent nearly two-thirds of my life. While I’m primarily about making things, occasionally, I’ll have some comments that really only apply to this game we play.

  • Lightweight Chair Cover – Type A (10/14/2016) - Need to use a lightweight chair around camp, but want to still look good? Here's instructions on how to make a chair cover, with an inspirational illumination.
  • Hospitality and Chairs (10/14/2016) - Hospitality is a medieval virtue, and vitally important in our society. How does a simple chair fit in?
  • Lilies & Laureling (6/22/2014) - Just a quick (OK, not so quick) note. My vigil on the first Saturday of Lilies was great, even if it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I was put on vigil about 6 hrs before than planned, but I still wanted to sit all night. Their Majesties said Master Alan could take me off […]
  • The Next Step of the Journey (3/24/2014) - Last Saturday, TRM Ariel & Martino, by grace and skill rulers of Calontir,  granted the request of my laurel, Master Alan Smyith of Darkdale. He begged the boon for my admittance into the Order of the Laurel, in the morning before our Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship. So many have offered their congratulations, and their […]
  • Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship Philosophy (5/2/2010) - [Interkingdom Anthropology note – Calontir’s Kingdom A&S requires 3 entries at the advanced level, in 3 different crafts.] The concept of the Kingdom Arts and Science Champion is that the competitors are claiming that they are the BEST artisan in the Kingdom. For that to be true, you need a good crop of competitors. Some […]
  • Kragelund tunic for Dolan’s Laurel Ceremony (1/17/2010) - Details of time and materials to completely hand sew a 10th-11th C Kragelund tunic with decorations.
  • Dolan’s Baronial Investiture Garb (1/3/2010) - Well, I finished the tunic up so Dolan looked snazzy during court for his investiture as landed Baron of Lonely Tower.  I do need to add a few more details to the embellishment, in order for it to be heraldic-ly correct, but that is a task for another time. [2016 edit – Which Kezia eventually […]
  • The Borders of Infinity… (10/28/2009) - So I’ve been thinking about what exactly it is I want to discover, and what skills I want to develop. and what things I DON’T want to spend any brain cells on.  (Of course, in an SCA arts & sciences context.  Isn’t that our default frame of reference???) Part of this stems from our judging […]
  • Youth Brown Bag Project update (7/28/2009) - So, I’ve finally gotten the photos of the kids projects downloaded from my camera, and captions added.  I have to add that these youth do not represent all who participated, but only those projects I managed to photograph.  In addition to the Calon youth whose projects are shown here, 2 young ladies from Meridies participated […]
  • Order Symbols and InterKingdom Anthropology (7/24/2009) - So the Laurel wreath is the symbol for the peerage in Arts & Science.  But I was wondering… What are the symbols for AoA or GoA level awards in the Arts and Sciences in various kingdoms?  (I’m sure I could tediously google for this, but I thought the friendly hive mind would be easier.) Calontir […]
  • Youth Brown Bag Arts & Sciences Competion – Lilies 2009 (6/14/2009) - Come pick out a mystery bag – easy, medium or complex, Art or Science – and inside you will find the resources and materials you need to create your very own project at Lilies.  Sponsored by Lady Eleanor Deyeson, all youth 5 and up are welcome to dive into the project.  All entrants will receive […]
  • Why Preprints? (2/17/2009) - In Calontir we have used “preprints” made for the AoA level awards – with text and outlines of the illumination. A quarter century ago, those preprints were colored in with markers like the heralds still sometimes do, but we soon moved over to using paint.  Lots of people feel comfortable trying to paint preprints, even […]
  • SCA Cultural symbols (7/31/2008) - I’m a member of the authenticity chorus, except for one thing.  I would like to see general acceptance of the use of SCA cultural symbols (laurel wreaths, pelicans, and lesser awards, personal heraldry motifs).  I do not believe they detract from the quality or authenticity of a piece, if they are done in a considered […]
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