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Household members by blood and oath

10399713_1085611828156409_3350984685229889339_nMistress Eleanor Deyeson is a “multi-functional” Laurel – having done a huge amount of research, as well as sewing, natural dyeing, tablet-weaving, spinning, finger-loop braiding, felting, repousse, pewter casting, bronze casting, leatherwork, ceramics, lampwork beads, wood carving, calligraphy, illumination, book binding, song writing, scroll text writing, bardic singing, and more. By no means expert in all these areas, she still wants to make all her own accessories, so keeps learning new crafts.

13612113_1182507125134162_4186081914131040599_nMaster Gerald Goodwine earned his Laurel for Brewing, but has significant skills and interest in medieval technology, blacksmithing, woodworking, and dog training. All of these have come together in “The Great Machine,” a version of a medieval shop that is powered by a treadwheel. He also does a lot of “ground-up” projects, and thus can talk about many aspects of materials preparation.

15067827017_614a8f733b_kSigurd Goodwineson is a 2nd generation Calontiri, and really loves reenacting. The words “period correct” come out of his mouth on a regular basis. He hasn’t found a specific craft to focus on (hmm, a family trait) but recent entered his 4th Queen’s Prize Tournament. Along with his viking persona, he is involved in American Civil War reenactment too.


Honorable Lady Kathryn Daggett is the first apprentice of Eleanor, and is noted for her fine spinning, as well as her weaving. Health issues have limited her participation in SCA event in recent years, but here at the Workshop, she can share her knowledge in another forum.

Feel free to ask anyone of us a question, using the contact form below. Or perhaps you’d like to join us, and contribute to the workshop. Let us know!


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