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About Links

One of the main goals I have for this blog/website is to encourage others to make what their hearts desire, without fear. Sometimes, part of reaching that goal is showing EXACTLY what I mean by the products I’ve used. So in general, rather than just link to random sales websites, I am mostly posting affiliate links from Amazon. If anyone ends up deciding to purchase after following my link – great, I get a tiny kickback. If not, and you find in locally – great, I’m all about supporting your local stores. However, if a specific product is NOT available on Amazon, and I love it, I’ll link to somewhere else that has it. I’ve made poor purchasing decisions, (and likely will in the future,) so if I can help advise you, I think that “a good thing.”

Other link policies I’m trying to follow.
  • All links open in a new window. I don’t want you to lose your place before you finish reading. Let me know if a particular link opens in the same window with the comment form below, so I can fix it.
  • All references to SCA persons from Calontir will link to either their personal business website, their blog, their Calontiri Wikispaces page, or their entry in the Calontir Order of Precedence. Folks from other kingdoms, I’ll follow the same plan, to the best of my ability. If you don’t want to be linked in that way, let me know: I’ll change it.
  • In some cases, I have to download an image, and then upload it here. This is because of the type of image servers used on many museum websites do not allow a direct image insert via url. But I WILL link not to just the image, but to the static link describing the image. Look for the descriptive text and follow the highlighted links. Many times, I will also link to the main webpage for a particular manuscript. Again, let me know if you see I’ve failed to meet that goal. I want the details about an image to ALWAYS be available along with the image. I’m not trying to evade any copyrights, just keep from having dead links.
  • For books, I will link to a site to access digitally for free, to a place to purchase, and to WorldCat, (with a nice citation.) People should have options.

Thanks for helping keep me accountable.

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