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Research Hints

  • Zotero for collaborative research - I’m going to try an experiment. What if we look at Zotero not as only a way to manage the final product of research – the documentation with citations and bibliography, but instead think about ways it could be a way to help people find good resources. I’ve started a Group Library called Anglo-Saxon-SCA on […]
  • Developing an analysis structure for Pärlhänge - I’ve taken the first step, and identified four types of construction methods for pärlhänge, or bead pendants. But before I can begin analyzing the details, I need to carefully construct my data collection system. I stumbled across a good article by Heather Christie, on the Visual Classification of Beads. She lists a number of important […]
  • Typologies in the study of Anglo-Saxon Artefacts – Part 1 - Before you can understand the artefact reports, you need to understand typologies.
  • Archaeological Resources for Beginners – Part 2 - More Archaeological Resources for Beginners - Part 2 is a lot more random.
  • Archaeological Resources for Beginners – Part 1 - A brief summary of Archaeological Resources for Beginners - Part 1
  • Looking for a JSTOR article - Can anyone get me access to this article? My Univ. is cheap, and doesn’t pay for all of the JSTOR databases. Thanks bunches. Some Aspects of Medieval Travel: Notably Transport and Accommodation, with Special Reference to the Wardrobe Accounts of Henry Earl of Derby, 1390-1393 Alexander Prize, 1924 Grace Stretton Transactions of the Royal Historical […]
  • Documentation Style Contemplations - So, I’m trying to figure out, for my self and for Gerald, exactly how to document and cite various topics. MLA is one standard often taught in schools – published by the Modern Languages Association, it’s more for literary works. APA is another – American Psychological Association – again, often used for works in that […]
  • Grindstones for Gerald & Needa - Under the cut you’ll find photos of the functional pedal powered grindstone Gerald has, as well as the 3 spare grindstones he plans to use with the Great Machine.  Oh, and I added a picture of the Great Machine, to help my distant readers.
  • Link-i-dy luck - So friended me, so I checked out her profile of the way to friending back (Waves hello), and found   (added her, waves hello) and then found   Which is really cool.  And I want to remember this post about original garments This is one of the beautiful things about the internet, that we can […]
  • Picking a criteria category - Ok, I’ve been thinking about Kingdom A&S.  If i only enter the tri-levels, it isn’t as hard to choose one category.  However, if I want to make my interest in accessories “shout” (as Jehanne put it), I need some way to enter accessory design. (For my Out-of-Kingdom readers, Calontir’s A&S championship requires 3 entries, which […]
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