Eleanor Deyeson's Workshop

I never met an artefact I didn't like.


  • The Famous Women Project (7/19/2017) - Lucretia, the wife of Collatinus I agreed to participate in the Famous Women Project, because it sounded really fun. I’m on tap to do Lucretia, the wife of Collatinus.  The reason I chose that illumination is that it had some aspects of the dress that I believe can help inform later period dress construction. There […]
  • 14th C German Embroidery (10/29/2016) - 14th C embroidered needle book gift, and other sewing supplies containers musings.
  • Decorative Topstitching on Norse Garb (10/12/2016) - So, thinking about decorating the seams of your Norse garb to make them more authentic? You might want to reconsider.
  • Cabbage for the Tailor (10/8/2016) - Cabbage for the tailor - the period phrase for leftover fabric.
  • Late Period English Pattern Library (10/7/2016) - A summary of the best known books for 16th C English clothing.
  • 16th C Pleatwork Apron (10/7/2016) - 16th C Pleatwork Apron with heraldic detail made for a gift exchange. Pleating spots marked using a plastic canvas grid.
  • Late Period Tailor’s Books (10/6/2016) - Actual sketches of patterns from the 16th C are rare, but DO exist. Here's links to find them, and to find the books that fully explain those simple sketches.
  • Hand finishing the Skjoldehamn Hood (9/13/2014) - Learn what types of "decorative" stitches were actually used on the Skjoldenhamn hood, and the function of each.
  • Bobbin & Weaving 2010 recap (2/15/2010) - This past weekend was an annual fiber geek retreat, held at the beautiful and spacious home of A’ine, just outside Kansas City. This is the second year Bechte & I have attended, and I simply love it.  I’m not sure how many people were there this year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the total […]
  • Kragelund tunic for Dolan’s Laurel Ceremony (1/17/2010) - Details of time and materials to completely hand sew a 10th-11th C Kragelund tunic with decorations.
  • Dolan’s Baronial Investiture Garb (1/3/2010) - Well, I finished the tunic up so Dolan looked snazzy during court for his investiture as landed Baron of Lonely Tower.  I do need to add a few more details to the embellishment, in order for it to be heraldic-ly correct, but that is a task for another time. [2016 edit – Which Kezia eventually […]
  • Stash progress (11/28/2009) - I’ve been sewing, and here are some of my newly finished or newly pictured stuff. The numbering’s kinda wacky, since I’ve got a list started on my computer, that includes some which aren’t quite complete. 10. Purple bliaut for older daughter, made from a cotton tablecloth, with a cool weave. Sleeves lined and neck facing […]
  • Some progress (11/17/2009) - Yesterday and today, I worked on finishing up assorted projects which I’ve had partly/mostly done. Some of these count in my Stash Challenge. 10. Purple bliaut for older daughter, made from a cotton tablecloth, with a cool weave. Sleeves lined and neck facing with a linen shirt. Made for the William the Marshal event in […]
  • I really haven’t only been sleeping (11/5/2009) - Well, we’re now at 6 full days without my Dr. Pepper.  I’m still sleeping way too much, although that may be more a feature of the lack of daylight and other factors that make Oct to Dec usually blah for me. I have been having the most interesting and memorable dreams when I’m napping. When […]
  • Child’s Cloak (12/15/2008) - Recycled wool and linen make a great cloak for a 5 year old.

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