Eleanor Deyeson's Workshop

I never met an artefact I didn't like.

Metal – Wirework

  • Norse Pärlhänge – bead pendants (2/4/2018) - One of the items occasionally found in Norse graves are 1 or more beads on a silver wire ring, as a pendant, presumably dangling off the festoons hung between the brooches. The Swedish word for this appears to be “pärlhänge.” A potential Norwegian synonym is “perleanheng”. (There are a few rare gold wire examples, but […]
  • Wire Size and Pricing (2014 data) (11/27/2017) - I was doing a lot of wirework a few years ago (like this Double Spiral Fibula) and collected information on various sources and costs. The intention was to share it, but then life, and a dead computer happened. A friend’s post on facebook brought it back to mind, so I dug it out, and transferred […]
  • Double Spiral Fibula (9/30/2014) - Double Spiral Fibula were used in Ancient Greece, dated 10th to 4th century BCE. Learn more with this tutorial, including links to extant artefacts.

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