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I never met an artefact I didn't like.


  • Needlecase, again (2/7/2010) - So, I cut the 2nd attempt at the size of 2″ by 3″, but rotated 90 degrees from the first one, on the theory that the leather was shrinking more one direction than the other.
  • More needlecase progress, or Not? (2/5/2010) - Just so you can keep up, don’t forget the other exciting installments in this saga.
  • Leather Needlecase plans (2/4/2010) - Remember the needlecase I talked about?  I’ve clarified my plans somewhat.
  • Leather Needlecase research notes (1/29/2010) - So, I want to make some leather needlecases for the rest of my Creative Meme projects.  Here’s the documentation, as I do the design.  I need to make one to give to Isabeau Jehanne for her prize for Queen’s Prize.  It was a gift that wasn’t there, for a entrant that wasn’t there.  She’s in […]
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