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I never met an artefact I didn't like.


  • Dunadd, Argyll, Scotland bead (10/28/2016) - A tricky bead from Dunadd, Argyll, Scotland, to challenge you today.
  • Hen Gastell Wales Lampwork Challenge Bead (10/27/2016) - A bead from Wales, challenging because of its large side and sneaky decoration.
  • Anglo-Saxon Dot34 Beads (10/12/2016) - Analysis of one particular type of Anglo-Saxon Bead.
  • 9th C Irish Lampwork Challenge item (10/11/2016) - This 9th C Irish bead speaks to me - wish I was a better lampworker.
  • 16th C Lampwork Challenge item (10/11/2016) - Both round and interlaced glass links, with some gold links as well, make up this spectacular 16th C German necklace.
  • 16th C Lampwork Challenge item (10/11/2016) - Lampwork is more than just beads. Look at this gorgeous and technically challenging glass chain necklace.
  • Bechte’s First Lampworked Beads (4/17/2010) - So Bechte & I are enjoying the hospitality of “Apprentice” weekend at the home of Alan & Rigela, with 3 apprentices and 2 proteges, and 3 spouses, and one teenager.  Bechte made cheesecake this morning, and then she & I both worked on beads this afternoon.  This is the first time Bechte has done any […]
  • Anglo-Saxon Cylindrical Pentagonal Beads (4/17/2010) - My attempts in 2010 to make 6th C Anglo-Saxon Cylindrical Pentagonal Beads. Some good, more ok, some ugly.
  • Glassworkers Challenge for Lilies (1/29/2010) - From an auction at Christies – TWO MINIATURE BYZANTINE GLASS JUG PENDANTS CIRCA MID 4TH-EARLY 5TH CENTURY A.D. Both tooled, one blue in color, the other blue-green in color, each with an open network in yellow trailed around the body, meeting to form the handle, and continuing around the rim; mounted as earrings in modern […]
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