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Here is a sample of my scribal work and research, and that of my household. Scroll down to see my older work, and watch my development.

  • Scribal Idea Source Links (11/24/2016) - Ever forget where you saw a great model that would be perfect for your next scroll assignment?
  • Insular Art (11/24/2016) - The monasteries that developed from Irish foundations - Iona as the mother abbey, shared a style, because monks moved back and forth.
  • St. Gallen Style (11/21/2016) - The Abbey Library of St. Gall, founded as a result of Irish missionary efforts in Europe, and where many Irish monks worked, has a particular style all its own.
  • On the Making of Hide Glue (10/22/2016) - Tutorial on Hide glue - easy to make, if a bit time consuming, but reputed to be one of the strongest glues available, even today (under the proper conditions.)
  • Scribal Pinterest Boards (9/21/2016) - The visual nature of Pinterest makes it perfect for stockpiling scribal inspirations. Enjoy some of my favorites.
  • 14th C Luttrell Psalter inspired scroll (9/10/2016) - 14th C scroll in Dun Direach style, (an Irish poetry style), and in the style of the Luttrell Psalter, for if a 14th Irishman was getting a scroll, it would be from an English court, and in an English style.
  • 11th C Norse Runestone inspired scroll (6/16/2016) - Modeled after the monuments erected during the Viking age to remember great men, this SCA award scroll was completed onsite at Lilies in 2016.
  • 16th C Carta Ejecutoria de Hidalguia, and how would that work in the SCA? (4/9/2014) - A 16th C Spanish Carta Ejecutoria de Hidalguia may be the best period analogue to the peerage awards in the SCA: They would recognize someone had been noble, not create nobility.
  • St. Gallen – Irish Monastic style (1/4/2014) - The Irish founded monastery at St. Gallen is the focus for this scroll, and it presents some challenges to our medievaloid expectations.
  • 8th C Lindesfarne-style Pelican (6/16/2010) - An SCA peerage scroll, with carpet and text page, in the style of the Lindesfarne Gospels, from the turn of the 8th C in Anglo-Saxon England.
  • 15th C Queen’s Chalice Preprint by Bechte (1/24/2010) - 15th C inspired Queen's Chalice Preprint blank by Bechte von Holtzburg.
  • Manuscript Wanderings (3/9/2009) - Part of the reason I’m wandering the manuscripts is of this request for help.  The unattributed illumination with purses seems like a style which is common in the Cod. Pal. Germ. maunscripts. It’s a good thing I have stuff to rip apart with my seam ripper, as waiting for dial-up speed is a royal pain. […]
  • Cod. Pal. germ (3/9/2009) - So, like I said, I was wandering in a lovely digital archive.  I looked at some the the manuscripts numbered in the 80’s, and then decided to go down and start with #1 There are a number of astrological/astronomical texts But this post is a listing of ones I want to explore more. Bayern, 1st […]
  • Scribal Tidbits (3/8/2009) - So I’m wandering around the home of the Codex Manesse, and I find this image Now, all sorts of interesting possible captions come to mind.  What does this image make you think of? BTW, I haven’t seen this man-thong in any of the period underwear discussions. In the same manuscript, I find a lovely initial […]
  • 14th C Luttrell Psalter-style scroll (2/28/2009) - Finding elements to match the award and the recipient is sometimes a challenge. Here's how I approached the task.
  • Scribal Angst (2/18/2009) - Except for an early and consuming passion for the Lindisfarne gospels, I didn’t do any C&I for the first 15 years or so in the SCA. I only got started painting pre-prints, because my then 12yo child wanted to, and I felt I had to understand so I could help. A few years ago, I […]
  • Why Preprints? (2/17/2009) - In Calontir we have used “preprints” made for the AoA level awards – with text and outlines of the illumination. A quarter century ago, those preprints were colored in with markers like the heralds still sometimes do, but we soon moved over to using paint.  Lots of people feel comfortable trying to paint preprints, even […]
  • 13th C German wall decoration inspired scroll (7/25/2008) - Baronial award for Chiara, inspired by a 13th C tile wall arch in Germany.
  • 14th C Manesse Codex inspired scroll for Malgar (6/13/2008) - Primarily inspired by the 14th C Manesse Codex, other examples of period craftsmen are included from the Mendel Hausbuch.
  • Irish Monastic Style (5/3/2008) - The Cridhe Mor is given once each year the highest level of service to the Barony of Mag Mor. I created this scroll in Irish monastic style for Callaghan MacFerr. Done with gouache and ink, on Bristol Board. Finished May 2008.
  • 13th to 15th C inspired backlog scroll (11/17/2007) - A GoA scroll combining elements important to the recipient, spanning the 13th to 15th Centuries.
  • 15th C Hours of Catherine of Cleves inspired page (10/5/2007) - 15th C Hours of Catherine of Cleves inspired for an archery award scroll.
  • 16 C Spanish scroll for Xandre (9/8/2007) - Inspired by 16th C Spanish Carta Ejecutoria, this was a fun scroll to make.
  • 16th C Calligraphy for Sashatec (8/11/2007) - Working with another illuminator, I did the calligraphy for this 16th C Laurel scroll, in 2007.
  • 6th C Ostrogothic Scroll (6/14/2007) - 6th C Ostrogothic Scroll based on the Codex Argenteus, with the text inspired by the Edictum Theodorici.
  • 8th C Baronial award scroll (5/11/2006) - My very first commission - a major baronial award for talented scribe. 8th C Lindisfarne style was really the only style I knew at the time, but still is a favorite.
  • 8th C Lindesfarne-style Beatitudes (3/24/2006) - 8th C Lindesfarne style Beatitudes made for a charity auction - First C&I project was sold for $135.
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