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  • 13th C Spanish Hat (1/7/2018) -   The time of Alfonso el Sabio (the Wise) 1221-1284, was one of culture and learning in his court. He sponsored translations, wrote poetry, and was involved in music, astronomy, law, games, and the creation of chronicles. Because of his extensive promotion and patronage of the written word, we have extant manuscripts that give us […]
  • Late Period Tailor’s Books (10/6/2016) - Actual sketches of patterns from the 16th C are rare, but DO exist. Here's links to find them, and to find the books that fully explain those simple sketches.
  • 16th C Carta Ejecutoria de Hidalguia, and how would that work in the SCA? (4/9/2014) - A 16th C Spanish Carta Ejecutoria de Hidalguia may be the best period analogue to the peerage awards in the SCA: They would recognize someone had been noble, not create nobility.
  • 16 C Spanish scroll for Xandre (9/8/2007) - Inspired by 16th C Spanish Carta Ejecutoria, this was a fun scroll to make.
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