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  • East Anglian 580-650 style – the beginning (12/4/2017) - Sutton Hoo, in the kingdom of East Anglia, is a very famous Anglo-Saxon ship burial – with such rich items included that it is clear this was someone very high ranked. For the SCA, this would be perfect for a sitting royal, or count or duke. But what if you wanted to be the next rank or two […]
  • Quince Processing & Candies (11/29/2017) - It was time to process most of the quinces – some had turned brown, and it appears they were just plain rotting, rather than bletting (like I mentioned in the Quince post). So I enlisted my 14yo minion to peel and core and roughly chop almost all of the remaining quinces. Now I’m a nice […]
  • Insular Art (11/24/2016) - The monasteries that developed from Irish foundations - Iona as the mother abbey, shared a style, because monks moved back and forth.
  • Typologies in the study of Anglo-Saxon Artefacts – Part 2 (10/31/2016) - Lots of links and citations for Anglo-Saxon Catalogues, Typologies, and Chronologies.
  • Typologies in the study of Anglo-Saxon Artefacts – Part 1 (10/30/2016) - Before you can understand the artefact reports, you need to understand typologies.
  • 7th C Anglo-Saxon Repousse Work-box (10/26/2016) - 7th C Anglo-Saxon work-box, made of copper alloy, with rivets, soldering, and repousse.
  • Finglesham, Northbourne, Kent (10/26/2016) - In the late 1920s, digging at a chalk pit near Finglesham exposed some old bones. Kent Archaeological Society excavations in 1928-1929 by William Stebbing and William Whiting exposed about 30 graves, well furnished, with some continental grave goods. Their finds were published as ‘Jutish Cemetery near Finglesham, Kent’ in Vol. 41 of Archaeologia Cantiana. As […]
  • Anglo-Saxon Finglesham Bibliography – Annotated (10/26/2016) - Annotated bibliography of resources for Anglo-Saxon studies, including links to WorldCat, purchase options, and any downloadable resources. Expect regular updates.
  • Anglo-Saxon Finglesham Artefacts (10/26/2016) - Images of various Anglo-Saxon artefacts from Finglesham, Northborne, Kent.
  • Finglesham in the Archives (10/26/2016) - Finglesham, Northborne, Kent, is a place of interest to me for its Anglo-Saxon cemetery. Here's some archival evidence of its further occupation.
  • Archaeology Data Service (10/19/2016) - Archaeology Data Service is a premier source if you are researching the British Isles, as well as other locations around the globe.
  • Novum Inventorium Sepulchrale (10/19/2016) - Kentish Anglo-Saxon Graves and Grave Goods in the Sonia Hawkes Archive This resource includes many of the graves discovered by antiquarians and archaeologists in the 18th & 19th Centuries, but described and analyzed with modern expectations. The archive also includes the older notes and sketches, as well as fresh photos and drawings. You WILL have […]
  • Anglo-Saxon Dot34 Beads (10/12/2016) - Analysis of one particular type of Anglo-Saxon Bead.
  • Late Period English Pattern Library (10/7/2016) - A summary of the best known books for 16th C English clothing.
  • 14th C Luttrell Psalter inspired scroll (9/10/2016) - 14th C scroll in Dun Direach style, (an Irish poetry style), and in the style of the Luttrell Psalter, for if a 14th Irishman was getting a scroll, it would be from an English court, and in an English style.
  • 8th C Lindesfarne-style Pelican (6/16/2010) - An SCA peerage scroll, with carpet and text page, in the style of the Lindesfarne Gospels, from the turn of the 8th C in Anglo-Saxon England.
  • Anglo-Saxon Cylindrical Pentagonal Beads (4/17/2010) - My attempts in 2010 to make 6th C Anglo-Saxon Cylindrical Pentagonal Beads. Some good, more ok, some ugly.
  • Internet goodness – Anglo Saxon style – pt 3 (12/5/2009) - 7th – Here’s a few I want to particularly remember Dunadd: an Early Dalriadic Capital http://ads.ahds.ac.uk/catalogue/collections/blurbs/313.cfm
  • Internet goodness – Anglo Saxon style – pt 2 (12/5/2009) - 4th – Webbed in 2003, but has been updated. http://ads.ahds.ac.uk/catalogue/projArch/buckets_var_2003/overview.cfm A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon buckets
  • Anglo-Saxon Resources – Part 1 (12/5/2009) - Anglo-Saxon Kent Electronic Database (ASKED) Sue Harrington and Stuart Brookes, 2008 Introduction | Overview | Query | Downloads | Download Support | Help | Feedback Introduction ASKED, the Anglo-Saxon Kent Electronic Database was built collaboratively by Stuart Brookes and Sue Harrington to facilitate our respective PhD researches at UCL Institute of Archaeology, from 1998-2000. A […]
  • Dorcas’ Doo-dads (5/14/2009) -
  • Internet Research (7/28/2008) - For the past few years, my hardcore SCA activity has been searching the internet to answer a multitude of questions.  I like to know more about cool artefacts from period.  There were many days (nights really) where I tended toddlers during the day, and wandered the web from 10pm to 4am. Lately, I’ve been slacking […]
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