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Before the Fall of Rome

Rome never looks where she treads. . .  and her influence in the years before Rome was sacked produced a number of interesting artefacts. For the moment, all cultures up to the end of the 5th C, not just Roman, are included here.

  • Egyptian Bracelets & Anklets (3/30/2018) - Another part of the grave ornaments for Senebtisi were anklets & bracelets. The originals are faience beads, with gold spacers. Not having a budget for gold, and limited by the selection online, I found antiqued bone, with 4 holes drilled in them. They are just a tiny bit shorter than the gold spacers, at 2.9cm, […]
  • Egyptian necklace – carved beads (3/27/2018) -   Another piece of jewelry to accompany the Diadem of Senebtisi, this is inspired by necklace with Shen Amulet of Senebtisi. Consisting of carved beads of gold, carnelian, turquoise, faience, sized at 14x4mm, the original has a total length of 69cm. I was unable to find a matching vase or urn shape, but I feel […]
  • Egyptian necklace – teardrop beads (3/26/2018) -   In order to properly accessorize with the Diadem of Senebtisi, I’m making some other jewelry from the time period. I have a Pinterest board here. The specific necklace I’m modeling this piece after is the pectoral and necklace of Sithathoryunet, including the name of Senwosret II. Part of the collection of the Met Museum, […]
  • Double Spiral Fibula (9/30/2014) - Double Spiral Fibula were used in Ancient Greece, dated 10th to 4th century BCE. Learn more with this tutorial, including links to extant artefacts.


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