Eleanor Deyeson's Workshop

I never met an artefact I didn't like.

16th Century

Renaissance, Reformation, and the New World.

  • 16th C Lampwork Challenge item (10/11/2016) - Both round and interlaced glass links, with some gold links as well, make up this spectacular 16th C German necklace.
  • 16th C Lampwork Challenge item (10/11/2016) - Lampwork is more than just beads. Look at this gorgeous and technically challenging glass chain necklace.
  • Cabbage for the Tailor (10/8/2016) - Cabbage for the tailor - the period phrase for leftover fabric.
  • Late Period English Pattern Library (10/7/2016) - A summary of the best known books for 16th C English clothing.
  • 16th C Pleatwork Apron (10/7/2016) - 16th C Pleatwork Apron with heraldic detail made for a gift exchange. Pleating spots marked using a plastic canvas grid.
  • Late Period Tailor’s Books (10/6/2016) - Actual sketches of patterns from the 16th C are rare, but DO exist. Here's links to find them, and to find the books that fully explain those simple sketches.
  • Tasseled Drawstring Pouch (10/2/2016) - Whether given as a love/marriage token, or simply to hold alms for the poor, the square drawstring purse or pouch with tassels existed concurrent with other fashions for several centuries. An analysis of visual evidence and extant items gives us the general size and construction method.
  • 16th C Carta Ejecutoria de Hidalguia, and how would that work in the SCA? (4/9/2014) - A 16th C Spanish Carta Ejecutoria de Hidalguia may be the best period analogue to the peerage awards in the SCA: They would recognize someone had been noble, not create nobility.
  • (6/16/2011) - It was a day of peerage announcements at the War of the Lilies – a Norse laurel – Thora Sigurdsdottir, and Rolf Hobart, for either C&I and/or Archery – Both from the Barony of Lonely Tower in Calontir. A knight was made during the day, Sir Halvdan. And best of all, my laurel, Master Alan […]
  • 16 C Spanish scroll for Xandre (9/8/2007) - Inspired by 16th C Spanish Carta Ejecutoria, this was a fun scroll to make.
  • 16th C Calligraphy for Sashatec (8/11/2007) - Working with another illuminator, I did the calligraphy for this 16th C Laurel scroll, in 2007.

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