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15th Century

The fall of Constantinople and the development of the printing press with movable type in this century both played a part in the coming Renaissance. The French finally beat the English, and the Spanish Reconquista is complete.

  • Quince Processing & Candies (11/29/2017) - It was time to process most of the quinces – some had turned brown, and it appears they were just plain rotting, rather than bletting (like I mentioned in the Quince post). So I enlisted my 14yo minion to peel and core and roughly chop almost all of the remaining quinces. Now I’m a nice […]
  • The Famous Women Project (7/19/2017) - Lucretia, the wife of Collatinus I agreed to participate in the Famous Women Project, because it sounded really fun. I’m on tap to do Lucretia, the wife of Collatinus.  The reason I chose that illumination is that it had some aspects of the dress that I believe can help inform later period dress construction. There […]
  • Tasseled Drawstring Pouch (10/2/2016) - Whether given as a love/marriage token, or simply to hold alms for the poor, the square drawstring purse or pouch with tassels existed concurrent with other fashions for several centuries. An analysis of visual evidence and extant items gives us the general size and construction method.
  • Braided Beards are Period!?! (10/1/2016) - 15th C manuscript where one character has a long BRAIDED beard.
  • 15th C Queen’s Chalice Preprint by Bechte (1/24/2010) - 15th C inspired Queen's Chalice Preprint blank by Bechte von Holtzburg.
  • 15th C Dupsing from Racaire (10/2/2009) - I wandered a bit on the Bibliotheque National Francais website, and happened across these images, which are beginning of the 15th century, the manuscript was created in Paris.  Français 598  boccace, de mulieribus claris Lady on the side, that one appears to have 3 bells on the bottom Venus in the middle, she appears to […]
  • Scribal Tidbits (3/8/2009) - So I’m wandering around the home of the Codex Manesse, and I find this image Now, all sorts of interesting possible captions come to mind.  What does this image make you think of? BTW, I haven’t seen this man-thong in any of the period underwear discussions. In the same manuscript, I find a lovely initial […]
  • 13th to 15th C inspired backlog scroll (11/17/2007) - A GoA scroll combining elements important to the recipient, spanning the 13th to 15th Centuries.
  • 15th C Hours of Catherine of Cleves inspired page (10/5/2007) - 15th C Hours of Catherine of Cleves inspired for an archery award scroll.

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