Eleanor Deyeson's Workshop

I never met an artefact I didn't like.

14th Century

Known as the height of chivalry, this century sees the Hundred Years War, the Black Death, and the fall of the Mongol Empire.

  • 14th C German Embroidery (10/29/2016) - 14th C embroidered needle book gift, and other sewing supplies containers musings.
  • Tasseled Drawstring Pouch (10/2/2016) - Whether given as a love/marriage token, or simply to hold alms for the poor, the square drawstring purse or pouch with tassels existed concurrent with other fashions for several centuries. An analysis of visual evidence and extant items gives us the general size and construction method.
  • 14th C Luttrell Psalter inspired scroll (9/10/2016) - 14th C scroll in Dun Direach style, (an Irish poetry style), and in the style of the Luttrell Psalter, for if a 14th Irishman was getting a scroll, it would be from an English court, and in an English style.
  • 14th Century Chausser’s Guild Citation (4/28/2011) - I was recently looking at the Medieval Underwear:Chosen Hosen page http://www.greydragon.org/library/underwear3.html and saw the following section A fourteenth-century charter of the chausser’s guild requires that all hosen be cut from scarlach. Scarlach is a fine wool, made by raising the nap and shearing it away at least three times (according to one source). The result […]
  • Wife of Bath (12/15/2010) - Coverchief A kneeling servant (fol. 9r), Visitation (fol. 47v), Speculum Humanae Salvationis (ÖNB 1636), c. 1350-1375 1375 Margaret de Cobham 1380 Maude de Cobham 1395 Margaret de Cobham Queen Matilda, The Golden Book of Saint Albans (British Library Cotton Nero D. VII, fol. 7), 1380 http://www.imagesonline.bl.uk/results.asp?image=067630 Madonna and Child, c. 1370-1380 Sweet apples, Tacuinum Sanitatis […]
  • 14th C Luttrell Psalter-style scroll (2/28/2009) - Finding elements to match the award and the recipient is sometimes a challenge. Here's how I approached the task.
  • 14th C Manesse Codex inspired scroll for Malgar (6/13/2008) - Primarily inspired by the 14th C Manesse Codex, other examples of period craftsmen are included from the Mendel Hausbuch.
  • 13th to 15th C inspired backlog scroll (11/17/2007) - A GoA scroll combining elements important to the recipient, spanning the 13th to 15th Centuries.

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