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10th Century

The Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire reached its greatest strength. Across Europe, various kingdoms we recognize today were founded, as tribal groups became more settled in a particular land area. Climatically, the Medieval Warm Period begins.

  • Block Printing for an Alanic Coat (5/12/2018) - Because I was once the apprentice of a Laurel named Alan, once I saw the extant coat and pattern from the TRIBE OF THE ALANS, I had to make it for my vigil ceremony. It has lasted quite well, although I’ve gotten a bit heavier, and there are some rips I need to mend. I […]
  • Byzantine Silk tunic of memories (5/11/2018) - Once upon a time, I met a lady on the internet. She knew other ladies, some in person, but another from the internet. And we all came together to participate as a team for the Middle Kingdom’s annual Golden Seamstress event. (Yes, I drove all the way to Detroit to sew with people I’d never […]
  • Baby steps – Block Printing (11/11/2017) - Our local school had done block printing on paper – so two of my teens have designs they did. Of the 3 designs, two are Celtic knotwork inspired. Big surprise, huh? On the right, Deinol’s work is far more detailed and precise – no changes are needed. I might occasionally print this without inking the inner […]
  • Typologies in the study of Anglo-Saxon Artefacts – Part 2 (10/31/2016) - Lots of links and citations for Anglo-Saxon Catalogues, Typologies, and Chronologies.
  • Typologies in the study of Anglo-Saxon Artefacts – Part 1 (10/30/2016) - Before you can understand the artefact reports, you need to understand typologies.
  • 10th C Byzantine cross in Pewter (10/27/2016) - Duplicating existing items via pewtercasting with Delft Clay
  • Hen Gastell Wales Lampwork Challenge Bead (10/27/2016) - A bead from Wales, challenging because of its large side and sneaky decoration.

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