Eleanor Deyeson's Workshop

I never met an artefact I didn't like.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Sometimes the perfect item to complete your look doesn’t fit into any neat category.

  • 14th C German Embroidery (10/29/2016) - 14th C embroidered needle book gift, and other sewing supplies containers musings.
  • 7th C Anglo-Saxon Repousse Work-box (10/26/2016) - 7th C Anglo-Saxon work-box, made of copper alloy, with rivets, soldering, and repousse.
  • Needlecase, again (2/7/2010) - So, I cut the 2nd attempt at the size of 2″ by 3″, but rotated 90 degrees from the first one, on the theory that the leather was shrinking more one direction than the other.
  • 15th C Dupsing from Racaire (10/2/2009) - I wandered a bit on the Bibliotheque National Francais website, and happened across these images, which are beginning of the 15th century, the manuscript was created in Paris.  Français 598  boccace, de mulieribus claris Lady on the side, that one appears to have 3 bells on the bottom Venus in the middle, she appears to […]
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