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  • Developing an analysis structure for Pärlhänge - I’ve taken the first step, and identified four types of construction methods for pärlhänge, or bead pendants. But before I can begin analyzing the details, I need to carefully construct my data collection system. I stumbled across a good article by Heather Christie, on the Visual Classification of Beads. She lists a number of important […]
  • Norse Pärlhänge – bead pendants - One of the items occasionally found in Norse graves are 1 or more beads on a silver wire ring, as a pendant, presumably dangling off the festoons hung between the brooches. The Swedish word for this appears to be “pärlhänge.” A potential Norwegian synonym is “perleanheng”. (There are a few rare gold wire examples, but […]
  • Dunadd, Argyll, Scotland bead - A tricky bead from Dunadd, Argyll, Scotland, to challenge you today.
  • Hen Gastell Wales Lampwork Challenge Bead - A bead from Wales, challenging because of its large side and sneaky decoration.
  • Anglo-Saxon Dot34 Beads - Analysis of one particular type of Anglo-Saxon Bead.
  • 9th C Irish Lampwork Challenge item - This 9th C Irish bead speaks to me - wish I was a better lampworker.
  • Bechte’s First Lampworked Beads - So Bechte & I are enjoying the hospitality of “Apprentice” weekend at the home of Alan & Rigela, with 3 apprentices and 2 proteges, and 3 spouses, and one teenager.  Bechte made cheesecake this morning, and then she & I both worked on beads this afternoon.  This is the first time Bechte has done any […]
  • Anglo-Saxon Cylindrical Pentagonal Beads - My attempts in 2010 to make 6th C Anglo-Saxon Cylindrical Pentagonal Beads. Some good, more ok, some ugly.
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