So once I return from the Camino de Santiago in August, I’m going to need a bit more income than my current job provides. I’d rather get paid to make stuff, rather than work at the gas station.

So send me a private message. Or comment here.

I have a robust skill set – costuming, accessories, embroidery, felting, natural dyeing, ice dyeing, tie dye, tableweaving, fingerloop braiding, kumihimo, calligraphy & illumination, quilting, block printing, beading, wirework, wireweaving, casting, both pewter and bronze, repousse, foamsmithing – I have a particular set of skills, honed since a childhood full of crafting.

If you haven’t seen me make a particular thing, ask anyway. I’ll be honest if I think I can produce it, fast enough and with enough quality to be worth my time and your cash.

Earliest delivery date will be Sept 1st. I’m going to be gone for nearly 2 months this summer. But you can get on the list now.