As a scribe, sometimes you need to find, not just a style that fits the recipient, but also a particular thing. Maybe the award is for equestrian or archery or cut & thrust. Or maybe you want to show a table/feast scene for a cook. Whatever it is, I’ve had that feeling of “I know I saw a perfect model, but where?”

So I’ve started some Pinterest boards of manuscript images that are helpful for personalizing a scroll. I don’t have every possible category, but I have so many boards, it can be hard to find on my main Pinterest page, so I’ve got links for you here. (In a few cases, there are actual items mixed in with manuscript images.)

I’ve also got a number of boards focused on manuscript sources, or particular illumination styles. In those cases, I tend to just link to the main page of the manuscript, and you’ve got to look for the style example you want.