There are various notations in the National Archives of the UK of records relating to Finglesham. It might be fun to look into any other available records for these people, to track family connections.

  • 832 – Recorded as Thengelsham, meaning ‘village of the prince.’
  • 1066  – OpenDomeday listing has Godwin and Leofnoth as lords holding land in Finglesham, with overlord, Archbishop of Christ Church Cantebury. This is from the Great Domesday taken in 1086, which recorded who held land before the Normans took over, and how much tax was and should be paid.
  • 1086 – Listing in the Domesday book  by the name of Flenguessam, is available for download, with a small payment. However, there is an online Domesday, that has a great entry for Finglesham with an image and details. Only 9 households and 18 people in Finglesham in 1086, with the lord being William Follet, overlord, Archbishop of Christ Church Cantebury.
  • between 1309-1319 – John Loverik, mariner of Sandwich addresses the King & Council and states that Walter Waldeschef, butler of the king, took several tuns of wine from him and his servants (Henry Snel, servant of the petitioner; Roger de Fenglesham, servant of the petitioner) and payment was promised, and he has three tallies for these but still has not had payment to his great damage. He requests that the butler be commanded to pay him or that he is able to have his payment from three old ships of Flanders that were forfeit to the king, two being at Greenwich in the keeping of William Kempe, and one at Sandwich which is broken. He requests that the true value of the ships be tried by the bailiffs, jurors and by the oaths of loyal men of the country.
  • 1347 – Debtor: Robert de Hulcote of Tilmanstone of [Eastry Hundred] Kent, and John Courthose of Finglesham [in Northbourne, Cornillo Hundred,Kent] & Creditor: William Knight of ?Eythorne {Eyton} [Eastry Hundred, Kent].
  • 1352 -Debtor: John Courtehose, of Finglesham, of [Northbourne parish, Cornillo Hundred] Kent., and Creditor: Alexander Hawkin [clerk of Canterbury, Kent] for Amount: £20.
  • 1365 (2 entries) – Debtor: John Jourde, of West Finglesham [Kent]. and Creditor: Henry de Barham, and Richard, his son. for Amount: £20.
  • between 1529-1532 -Plaintiffs: John Asshton, gentleman, Elizabeth, his wife, and Annes, Katherine, Clare, Mary and Beatrice, minors, the daughters and co-heirs of John Somer and of Alice, his wife. Defendants: John Boys, late the husband of the said Alice, and Elizabeth Browne, executrix and late the wife of Thomas Browne, of London, mercer, executor of the said John Somer. Subject: Messuages and land in Sandwich, Finglesham in Northbourne, Delff and Hemswell, and messuages in Calais
  • Elizabeth I reign – Plaintiffs: George Landon. Defendants: John Bate and John Bate his son. Subject: To recover compensation. The disposal of a principal messuage or farm and lands at a place called Singlesham [Finglesham] in the parish of Norbourne [Northbourne], Kent, Which defendant John Bate senior held on the demise of John Maisters.
  • 1584 –  KENT: Whitstable, Seasalter, Capel, Alkham, St. Peter, Sandwich, Westbere, Barfreston, Graveney, St. John, Thanet, Sturry, Eythorne, Minster, Eastry, Godmersham, Northbourne, Ripley, East Langdon, Finglesham, Petham, Woodchurch Inquisition as to lands given to superstitious uses.
  • 1586 –  William Wortley, William Holywell, John Lee. v. John Boys: Land in Finglesham, in Norborne, and’ Bettshanger Wood, in Norborne parish, parcel of Betshanger Manor, right of way through said wood from Dover to Sandwich, parcel of the late abbey of St. Augustine. [Thos. Cocks, owner of said manor is mentioned.]: Kent