There is more to period lampwork than just beads. Here’s a beautiful item to challenge you.   A necklace made of glass chain links  1570 to 1591 Here’s the original link to the Kunst Historische Museum in Vienna, Austria. There are six chains, constructed of 1 cm glass rings. The links alternate two white and one black, or two black and one white. The six individual strands are held together by a ring that is blue on one side, and blue or green on the other side. Total length is 55 cm.

I really hope someone tries making these glass chain link type items, because I have no clue how they did it. It’s not like they could work exactly like chain mail. But maybe they did. If you had a 1 cm mandrel, attached to a crank (or held and turned by an apprentice) you could make a spiral of glass rings. Use a sharp tool to cut them apart while heated. Then interlink the rings, and heat very carefully to fuse each ring together. It could be done, I suppose, but I certainly don’t have the skill.

Here’s a YouTube video link showing someone making a simple chain. Pretty cool. I still think some type of jig or fixture would be helpful, as you try to make thousands of relatively uniform links. (Thanks to Gæira Aggadóttir for finding that!)