This beautiful chain includes blue and white glass, as well as gold (plated maybe) links. Dated 1570 to 1590, this is located at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Inv.-Nr. KK_3011

22.84.1 (12r)
Ein new kunstlich Modelbuch…, 1544 German, Woodcut

The chain has a multi-lobed interlaced flat blue link, which is very similar to the design in a 16th C Modelbuch. (see the highlighted section) There appear to be 26 to 28 of the flat links. Since the overall length is 78 cm, that means each repetition of flat blue links, connected to white links on each side, each in turn connected to blue links, and then blue links connected to the next set of blue with gold links – each repetition is 3 cm or less in total length. That means each individual round link has to be smaller than 1 cm, which was the link size in the other glass chain noted.