One aspect of my scribal process is a lot of research. I look for example manuscripts, and shamelessly pull elements from various pages. But in order to make my life easier, I have created a lot of Pinterest boards, for various specific time periods.

This one is key – the Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg is where there are over 800 hundred digitized manuscripts. They didn’t just scan the pretty pages, but also the plain text pages. This is the home of the Manesse Codex, and lots more. This pinboard is to the main page for each manuscript – you’ll have to find your specific inspiration inside. (Yes, it is in German, but the navigation is pretty intuitive.)

A subset of the Heidelberg library are manuscripts produced by the workshop of Diebold Lauber. These 15th C manuscripts have a pretty distinctive look, less intensely colored, but lots of examples to pull from, while still keeping the same time/place source.

Much of England and northern Europe was evangelized by monks from Ireland. This board has manuscripts that show the Irish monastic style, even if they are across the Irish Sea or English Channel.

One of the projects on my to-do list is a personal copybook. Model books of calligraphy and illuminated images were a fairly common practice in the middle ages, and are a great place to mine for scroll inspirations.

Some random quick scroll inspirations. I need to go through and categorize these, but this is my holding place when I find new and interesting manuscripts.

14th C – mostly English

16th C Spanish