Just a quick (OK, not so quick) note. My vigil on the first Saturday of Lilies was great, even if it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I was put on vigil about 6 hrs before than planned, but I still wanted to sit all night. Their Majesties said Master Alan could take me off vigil when he chose.

Not very many people came by, but I really appreciated those who did, and I understand that people may not have known where I was. I never actually knew where 3 of the other 4 vigils that happened at war were. The only reason I knew about the other was that it was in sight of my camp. (Note to self: If arranging a vigil at Lilies for an apprentice [in the distant future] be sure to put up fliers or have it heralded.)

The Calontir bardic amoeba came by and sang quite a few songs. I recognized some of the voices, but one newer voice was an Athelmarcian who incited the singing of “Iron, Cold Iron”. That called my mind back to my first year in the SCA, and a post-revel at Steelholm. He also came and talked to me, and as he had been on the Camino de Santiago, was very inspiring.

I gave visitors an escallop shell, and explained how that was on my device, as well as being hugely popular in the middle ages. I told people that my daughter & I are going on the Camino in 2018, but when we are done walking 500 miles, we will get on a plane and fly home. In the middle ages, people celebrated reaching their destination, but then turned around and kept walking. I am very happy to reach the destination of “Laurel”, but I intend to keep walking.

When it was early morning, the rain was coming down, and I was stretched out, listening to the birds. The birds make a LOT of noise every morning, and their songs define the beginning of a new day for me. Master Alan came in and covered me with something, and said, “Sleep.” I was about to get up, but then I fingered what was covering me, and looked closely, and saw it was his cloak, I then relaxed and went to sleep.

When I became his apprentice, he folded up his cloak for me to kneel upon. It is difficult to express how meaningful these two gestures were and are to me. Just writing about it, brings my emotions to the fore once again.

My camp-mates / apprentice family / extended family that helped with various tasks to complete the various parts of my elevation garb, thank you so much. It was lovely to be able to ask for help, and get it. I did not ever feel afraid that my request would be refused, and that level of trust is not easy for me.

My scroll was so amazingly perfect. I just loved hearing it, and re-reading it. I carried it around with me most of the war, and will likely continue to do so for quite some time. I knew that I was making a really insane request to get that document, and it fills me with great joy that Aline, Alan, & Kate made it happen.

The scroll was modeled after a 16th C Carta Ejecutoria, but I wasn’t going to wear 16th C Spanish. So I wore 13th C Spanish, which is when most of the minor nobility families that were requesting Cartas in the 16th C were actually enobled. Anabela made my two outer garments, beautiful, and I made the undertunic and crazy hat. Making the hat was so fun, and I used some of the Bangkok silk I had gotten as a gift from my Golden Seamstress teammate, Alesone.

The ceremony was written by Dolan, and based on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit for craftsmen in Theophilius.

My vigil clothes were 9th C, from Moschevaya Balka, where the tribe of the Alans lived. (Yes, I belong to a very punny household.)

Yes, my various parts were all over the SCA timeperiod. I can’t choose just one, I love all the artefacts.

I don’t use LiveJournal much anymore (seems none of us do) but I am on FB regularly, and am trying to put up my research at https://eleanordeyeson.wordpress.com/

I did get to meet the lovely Mistress Mathilde in person. She recognized my name, when someone else in Laurel Hollow was saying congrats. We chatted several times, and I made sure to show her the dress I made for my daughter that was based strongly on her work. Even after being given this honor, I am surprised and delighted when people I admire actually have taken note of me.

I suspect that very few people who interact with me have any idea about the self-doubt that sometimes (Ok, if we are being fully honest, often) strikes. I know that most peoples’ actions are really “all about them” – we each struggle to get past the self-centered decision-making that is our evolutionary heritage. I know in my mind that people don’t make decisions based on me and my actions except rarely, and yet, my inner child wails, “Is it ever about me?”

I am so grateful for the people who assisted with my elevation in anyway – I was able to say to my soul “Yes, it is about me.” Don’t worry, I won’t get a swelled head. I know that the moment will pass, and now, I have a responsibility to help others feel that same deep-seated pleasure of “It is about me.”

People ask if I feel different. Not really. Since the announcement of my elevation, I have been more careful of what and how I say things, for I do know that a words do have real power. I am also remembering to say thank you more often. But I am truly grateful for everyone who has assisted me.

From the inner reaches of my heart & soul, thank you.