Last Saturday, TRM Ariel & Martino, by grace and skill rulers of Calontir,  granted the request of my laurel, Master Alan Smyith of Darkdale. He begged the boon for my admittance into the Order of the Laurel, in the morning before our Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship.

So many have offered their congratulations, and their help, that my heart is full to overflowing. It may take a few weeks before my feet touch the ground again. And as we all prepare for our beloved Lilies War, I shall be preparing for my elevation as well.

Before I even traveled to the event, I had determined to create a blog, detailing my research adventures. My goal, toward which I shall still strive, is to know as much as can be known about nearly any kind of costume accessory. My motto is: “I never met an artefact I didn’t like.” I also would like to know how to create all the things. This extremely wide focus means that I shall never feel like I’ve learned all I can. I predict that the enjoyment I’ve had learning and researching in my nearly 28 years in the SCA will continue for many more.

I shall attempt to post frequently – but make no promises. I expect that there may be a flurry of posts, and then a dry spell: lather, rinse, repeat. I invite you to follow me on Pinterest, where I organize my research visually, and try my best to maintain links to the original museum or archive.

Let us turn the page, and start a new chapter in this most excellent adventure.