It was a day of peerage announcements at the War of the Lilies – a Norse laurel – Thora Sigurdsdottir, and Rolf Hobart, for either C&I and/or Archery – Both from the Barony of Lonely Tower in Calontir.

A knight was made during the day, Sir Halvdan.

And best of all, my laurel, Master Alan Smyith of Darkdale, was announced for Pelican.

Now I’m thinking about metalwork. I’d love to do the medallion.

Alan often times wears simple late period shirt, slops, and a hat.  Thus, I think a hat badge would be great.

Occasionally with diamonds, rubies, pearl, as well as gilded, there are some that are enameled.  This example in the British Museum is gilt bronze with enamel

Size seems to range from 3.6 to 5.8 cm, with the fancier ones the larger.  Most had some type of attachment holes, and were likely permanently sewn to the cap.