I was recently looking at the Medieval Underwear:Chosen Hosen page


and saw the following section

A fourteenth-century charter of the chausser’s guild requires that all hosen be cut from scarlach. Scarlach is a fine wool, made by raising the nap and shearing it away at least three times (according to one source). The result would be a very fine finish that obscured the individual threads of the cloth. The most popular color for these scarlach hosen was red; this is the origin of the word “scarlet”.

I’d really like to find out where that reference to the charter came from. I’ve sent a message to the contact address on the webpage, but since I’m in a hurry, I figured I’d hedge my bets. The webpage was last updated 2 years ago, and the email may not be current.

(Edit to Add – Yeah, the email failed. So I really home the LJ hive-mind can help me out.)

Thanks a lot.

Anyone who expects to have some time on this weekend or Monday to read a thesis draft would be appreciated. Let me know. It’s due Tuesday, and my middle name is procrastination (or perfectionism, wanting to find out more, but the effect is the same.)