So there have been a number of peerage ceremonies in Calontir lately, and I’m finally experienced enough to see through the individual touches to the patterns underneath.

I can’t help but think things like – “oooh, that’s cool, (but I wouldn’t do that).” or “Yeah, I’d be really happy if So-and-So spoke for me.”

I AM trying to improve my skills and knowledge as an artisan.  Yes, I someday hope to be WORTHY of a Laurel. This is not the same as chasing after a Laurel, which involves a different personality skill set than I possess.

(Worthy is also not the same as awarded, as some people who may be worthy aren’t active enough to get the peerage.  I don’t know what my future will hold in terms of time constraints, but I still am striving to be worthy.)

But admitting that you’ve got preferences if a peerage were to come to pass is seen as verboten speech.  Rather, people seem to be expected to never think about it, until the moment they are announced, and then they are overwhelmed by emotion, and people offering ideas and help.

In case anyone is curious, yes, I have preferences.  Over time, those preferences may change, but having them in writing will help prevent sensory overload if a peerage ever comes my way, years from now.

2016 Edit – I really do recommend folks think about this long before the day comes.