A kneeling servant (fol. 9r), Visitation (fol. 47v), Speculum Humanae Salvationis (ÖNB 1636), c. 1350-1375

1375 Margaret de Cobham

1380 Maude de Cobham

1395 Margaret de Cobham

Queen Matilda, The Golden Book of Saint Albans (British Library Cotton Nero D. VII, fol. 7), 1380

Madonna and Child, c. 1370-1380

Sweet apples, Tacuinum Sanitatis (BNF NAL 1673, fol. 6v), c. 1390-1400


Silk stocking, 14th century

Detail from Nativity, c. 1370-1372 (big picture) (hose closeup)

A shoe with a long, pointed toe (MoL BC72[55]*), late 14th century


Prick spur

rowel spur

Ellesmere wife of bath

Ellesmere wife

Save not for presentation
Listing of Chaucer’s garment citations

Landsdowne Chaucer