I had an early and abiding love for the Lindesfarne Gospels. Back in 1986, in the days long before the internet, I found an article analyzing the geometry of the layout of the manuscript, and those copies have stayed with me through 9 moves over the years. When my dear friend, Dorcas Whitecap was announced for Pelican, I eagerly volunteered to make her peerage scroll.

The Lindesfarne Gospels are written in insular script and presumed to be the work of Eadfrith. Artistic analysis shows that the entire manuscript is the work on one person, and that consistency makes it a marvelous inspiration source. It is filled with creatures identified as dogs and birds, although they are sometimes hard to recognize as such, and a carpet page full of birds sounded great for a Pelican. All the birds have red and white body decoration, which is a step from period practice, but very fitting for the red blood drops on a white field that are the mark of a Pelican. Dorcas has a dolphin on her SCA heraldry, and her service to heraldry was the major reason for her elevation, so I made a dolphin shaped interlaced beast intertwined with crossed trumpets of the heralds for a design element.

30486_103944899656445_605523_nThe text of the scroll was written by Master Dolan Madoc of Harlech, and primarily based on the song by Rosalind Jehanne, The Battle of Maldon. During her elevation ceremony, a group of us sang the scroll text to Dorcas. Word fame indeed. As I don’t believe that was recorded, here (on Facebook) is a version by me alone.

The carpet page was completed and presented at Crown Tourney, July 2009. The accompanying text page was completed at Lilies 2010.

Done on Arches Aquarelle Hot Press, 140# paper, with gouache and ink.