[Interkingdom Anthropology note – Calontir’s Kingdom A&S requires 3 entries at the advanced level, in 3 different crafts.]

The concept of the Kingdom Arts and Science Champion is that the competitors are claiming that they are the BEST artisan in the Kingdom. For that to be true, you need a good crop of competitors. Some years we have a full roster, but other times not very many people throw their name in the ring.

I have been guilty of thinking about entering, but never have. The main reason is that I haven’t succeeded in producing the end product that matches my internal vision. Sometimes I’ve done cool stuff, but ran out of time to document it properly. Or it was the first attempt at a craft.

You see, I believe that no matter how talented you are, your FIRST attempt in a craft can not possibly be your best work in that craft. And because I want to make ALL the things, I have a lot of first projects. I won’t enter them, because I haven’t done the work to make my skill in that craft the best I can. The items I could enter, I know I could do better – either in workmanship or design decisions or documentation. When I know I can do better, how can I stand up and stake a claim to being the best artisan in Calontir?