Under the cut you’ll find photos of the functional pedal powered grindstone Gerald has, as well as the 3 spare grindstones he plans to use with the Great Machine.  Oh, and I added a picture of the Great Machine, to help my distant readers.


Gerald's Great Machine

The Dog powered tread wheel is 8 ft in diameter, built with self cut or reclaimed wood and the wheel panels are covered with canvas.  The entire wheel  was glued with cheese-lime glue.  The axle was hewn from a thorny locust tree gerald cut himself, on our property.  The frame of the wheel is also self-harvested wood.  In this photo, he’s blacksmithing nails, which will be used on the gear wheel.  By Lilies (hopefully) the machine will actually be powering a tool.  The 1st choice is a cloth buffing wheel, and grindstone combination machine.  Eventually, he will have a huge bellows that will be automatically run by the dog wheel.  He already has tanned the bellows leather for himself.  The structure is 12 ft by 18 ft, and 18 ft tall at the roof peak.  Upstairs there is space for Gerald & the 6 dogs to camp out.  By Lilies he also wants to have the canvas sides perfected, and include some canvas awnings.  Soon he will start posting bits and pieces about the machine on his LJ that I forced him to set up