So my 8yo son entered Queen’s Prize this last weekend.  Here’s a link to his documentation.  And here’s a photo taken the day of the event.  Apparently he did a good job talking with his judges.  They each took copies of his documentation.  And Master Brian later told me that the leatherworkers decided to rename a stitch after Sigurd’s suggestion – the dolphin stitch.

For my non-Calontiri friends, Queen’s Prize is novice level A&S competition, where each entrant has to have a sponsor who holds a GoA in the Arts  & Sciences, or is a Laurel.  The sponsor helps the entrant prepare, and encourages them.  At the event, the sponsor might sit with the entrant during the face-to-face judging, if the entrant wants.  The judges are very encouraging, and often give plenty of advice and further sources to help the entrant.  At the end of the day, during court, each sponsor gives some type of prize to another entrant (not their own sponsoree) so every entrant gets a prize.  The Queen also selects one entrant, and that is the Queen’s Prize "winner".  There is also a Judges choice award, which is by ballot, and that winner also gets a basket of cool loot. (Every judge contributes to the loot basket.)