Bechte von Holtzburg entered Queen’s Prize Tournament in January 2010 with a ink design intended for use as a preprint for Ostwald & Kaye‘s reign for the Queen’s Chalice. Her inspiration was from Universität Heidelberg Bibliothek, from the Workstatt (Workshop) of Diebold Lauber. The manuscript was Cod. Pal. germ. 149.

previewThe architectural background was from folio 053v.

preview3The Queen looks to be from folio 12v.

preview4The youth appears to be from folio 11r.

The style of this manuscript is quite consistent, so style details were able to be pulled from many different folios, and all make a consistent whole.

The photo of Bechte’s work at QPT taken by Mike Martin ©2010 Viking Studios – Thanks for permission to use it.