Well, we’re now at 6 full days without my Dr. Pepper.  I’m still sleeping way too much, although that may be more a feature of the lack of daylight and other factors that make Oct to Dec usually blah for me.

I have been having the most interesting and memorable dreams when I’m napping.

When I am awake, I have been actually working.  I started by reorganizing the garb closet for the 4 younger kids and purchased at the thrift store a cedar lined wardrobe, in which I will hang Gerald’s & my garb.  Things are being mended, or the too small stuff set aside for the next giveaway.  And I’ve been working on the piles of useful fabrics, just waiting to be reclaimed.  I also made a chemise, cloak, and winnigas for Dolan & Kezia, and still need to finish Kezia’s overtunic, and a new tunic for Dolan.

From the cabbage from Kezia chemise, I made two hood-like coifs for Gerald to use when fighting.  He tends to lose his coifs a lot.  I’m working on a linen fighting shirt for him as well.

And I’ve gotten a number of garments fixed or made for the little kids.  I’ll be posting in stash challenge, once I take some photos.

And tonight, after watching Bride Wars, I decided what to do for 12th night.  Using ideas from festiveattyre.com, Baroness Briana, and elizabethancostume.net, I’ve found something Italian renn I’m willing to wear.  There are two paintings by Bacchiacca dated about 1520.  But no one tell Sashatec.  He keeps giving me a hard time, (or lately, “not saying anything”) about my interest in early period garb.  I’d like to surprise him.

If I can get it done, I will need to ask Master Alan for a green cloth sash, from his hand, to wear with it.  The leather apprentice belt just isn’t the right style.