I wandered a bit on the Bibliotheque National Francais website, and happened across these images, which are beginning of the 15th century, the manuscript was created in Paris.  Français 598  boccace, de mulieribus claris

Lady on the side, that one appears to have 3 bells on the bottom

Venus in the middle, she appears to have lots of bells.  However, the belt must be attached at her waist somehow, or it would fall off.

This queen also has one with bells all along.

in a post about a particular style of baldric, with bells.  Racaire called it a dupsing.

Racaire has made a beautiful linen one for me, with some gorgeous embroidery of my device on it as well.  It’s all handsewn, even the seams where you can’t tell except by very close examination.

I now need to make a early 15th century dress to go along with this lovely gift.

It happens that the Silver Hammer medallion I was given was embroidered – it hung just a bit oddly around my neck, but it fits on the dupsing as if it was made specifically for it.  So I think that’s what I’ll do.

Thank you many times over, Racaire.  You’re awesome.