I guess I should explain for those of my readers who haven’t seen what I’ve collected and bound together.

For a number of years, my SCA opportunities were limited to my mind and the internet.  I did research (on dial-up) for sometimes 7 hrs per night, beginning at 10pm.  Sleep was optional.  I had kids in school and at home, and my days were pretty much not my own, but at night, I could work.

I usually printed out what I found, so as to have the web address printed on the bottom, AND because sometime files saved weird, or web pages were taken off the internet.  Or, the web site was still there, but the the information was reorganized.

Soon, the printouts of what I wanted to keep and research were stacked too high, and threatened to smother one of the small children.  So I got myself a comb binder for christmas that year.

Then, with cardstock title pages/covers, I had a bunch of "books".  Research is definately a science, as I probably have over 50 pounds of stuff printed out – it may be more.  I’ve tried to organize my

I took some of my booklets to Clothiers, just to display, and had several people ask to purchase them.  I said no, I’m just showing what useful stuff is out there, and they can go download it themselves.  (Ok, a few people I did make copies for, but they were special.)

Why I like them, is I can take them with me to an event, flip thru it easily and find the page I’m remembering, and show it in the conversation.  The computer is a wonderful storage device, but for me, paper and my brain are a faster random access device.

Now, the reasons I need to go back thru and reorgainze and re-save are several.  I had a computer die on me.  I still need to get the contents of the hard drive – my documents & my genealogy program – saved onto CD or DVD.  So in come cases I have printouts, but no electronic file.  And also, pdf’s often times don’t list where they are from.  I am making an "index" document, with the web addresses of where I found the page, to include.  Also, sometimes I didn’t have printer ink, so I just saved.  Now I need to straighten everything up.  I also have to split some categories. 

Most of the books have a heading giving it’s basic category, like "textile production", which corresponds to one of the major file folders under my "SCA Research Files" folder.  Then their is a major heading, like "Weaving", again, a file folder heading as well.  Then a specific heading, like "Table or Floor loom" (which I really need to change to "horizontal" loom), again with it’s own folder.

Next I say "Evidence for Period Practice: Written, Visual, Extant, Archaeological"  and Compiled by .  In some topics, I also include "practical advice for reenactment."

So when I talk about working on my booklets, now you have an clue about it.  Yesterday, by NOT searching for new information, I ended up printing out 48 pages, just on the reorganizing process for one booklet.  I’ve got easily 75 or more booklets, and a bunch of un-bound data too.