Make long-term plans, and break them into doable steps.

Organize SCA stuff and information of my own.
Got the “Sewing & Ornamentation” booklet I’d put together out of storage.  I’m going to read it thru, and verify that I’ve got everything electronically.
As I worked on it, I decided I need to split it into 3 sections, Ornamentation – SCA cultural motifs, Ornamentation – Stylistic examples from Period, & Sewing – Fabric choices, fitting, stitch types, and other generalized help.
I’m also going to assemble a “New Costumer” booklet, with those resources that I think would be most helpful, without overwhelming.
Found a bunch of cross stitch patterns for SCA stuff, printed out a bunch.
Ditto on saving the source files for some stitching patterns, and printing.  It’s not hard to produce a bunch of new paper.

Organize SCA stuff for the rest of the household.
Had Gerald try on part of his wedding garb, and decided what to do to it to help make it usable now.
Had Bechte try on the corset I made 20 years ago.  With a few minor modifications, it will work for her.

Manage mundane housework.
Hung out the load of towels and garb I washed last night.
Washed and hung out a load of Jerry’s clothes.  The humidity is at about 78%, so it may take a long while before anything is dry.  And no wind either.
The clothes were still damp at 8pm at night.  I’ll have to hope for more wind or less humidity tomorrow.  No point is doing more wash, until this stuff is dry.

Organize my mundane stuff – in the house.
Moved genealogy file cabinet into corner space in living room.  Stacked up copy paper, spare file folders, and other printer stuff in the space underneath.
Moved the printer onto the dresser in the living room. (The dresser is filled with sewing supplies, and is right next to the desktop for sewing and about 5 ft from the computer desk.)

Organize mundane stuff of others in the house.

Organize stuff (both mundane & SCA) in the tent, trailer and storage unit.
Dropped off pants which are “Save for” both Becky & Danny.
Contemplated organization.
Looked inside the file boxes labeled “garb redesign” and “Eleanor’s Future Garb”, as well as the boxes of yardage, as compared to recycled garments.  Lots of the yardage is cotton, and stuff I’m not sure I want to use anymore.  Is it ethical to sell it to the student group members, even while I’m preaching the gospel of Linen and wool?  On the other hand, there’s no guarantee any of them can sew, so screwing up in cotton is probably better.
Brought several armloads of stuff back to the house to work on.

Manage lawn & garden tasks.

Make home repairs.

Work on (not just organize) my SCA projects.
Ironed flat a recycled garment – it’ was a white linen skirt with a ruffled edge on the bottom.  Just had to open up the side seam, remove the darts and waistband, and like magic, I’ve got a Frilled veil.  I still need to hem up the other 3 edges.  But it looks good for a fraction of the labor.
Ironed recycled BIAS cut grey linen dress, will use for hose for Patrick.  Do you realize how rare it is to find garments cut on the bias?
Ironed flat a white linen tank top, I’d ripped the seams out previously.  I’m going to make it into some brais for Patrick.
Even though the computer work in organization, when my finished product is collections of useful information, it is sort of a project as well.  I spent a good bit of my time on it today.
Ripped out the waistband and pleats on a fairly thin linen skirt, and will use it to make a chemise for later period.
Caitlin nic Raighne sent me copies of article on the St. Birgitta’s cap.  I need to download all the images somewhere with high-speed connections.
Ironed blue linen fabric for Bechte,

Work on SCA responsibilities.
Sent messages to correct slight error in OP for Gerald.
Searched for cross stitch designs for someone on CalonFiber, and ended up saving and printing quite a few for myself.

Handle family & community commitments.
Take Becky to school.  Pick her up.