So the Laurel wreath is the symbol for the peerage in Arts & Science.  But I was wondering…

What are the symbols for AoA or GoA level awards in the Arts and Sciences in various kingdoms?  (I’m sure I could tediously google for this, but I thought the friendly hive mind would be easier.)

Calontir uses the Swan for AoA arts and a Lily for GoA arts – both natural symbols, with a possiblility for beautiful interpretations.

But Calontir’s AoA for Sciences is 3 brown (leather) mallets, and the GoA is a silver Hammer.  Neither are especially attractive.

Is there a similar split in other kingdoms?  Or do other kingdoms not differentiate between skill in "Arts" vs. "Sciences"?

Does every kingdom give some type of award for A&S at both the AoA level and GoA level?