Come pick out a mystery bag – easy, medium or complex, Art or Science – and inside you will find the resources and materials you need to create your very own project at Lilies.  Sponsored by Lady Eleanor Deyeson, all youth 5 and up are welcome to dive into the project.  All entrants will receive a prize, with special awards in various categories.  Begin anytime after noon on the first Sunday – check in at the “Great Machine” near the showerhouse.

Each bag will have supplies for a project, which could be accomplished by a youth with no previous experience in the craft, as well as a page of information, which will include brief documentation for the project, step-by-step instructions, and the contact information for 1 or more craftspersons who would love to help answer any questions.  The tools necessary for the project will also be included, or information about where you can borrow those tools at Lilies.

Here’s a list of the project bags already committed to be at Lilies

  • Illumination on a pre-printed Kingdom Scroll
  • Inlaid pottery floor tiles
  • One-piece Leather shoes
  • Pottery candlestick
  • Leather Falconer’s Bag
  • Beaded Paternoster
  • Book-Binding
  • Girdle Book
  • Embroidery Projects

Check back often to see what bags will be available, or to suggest your own ideas.  Enjoy!

Note to Parents:  My goal with this project/competition is to encourage all youth to try something new, and create at Lilies.  The projects will be doable, real items that any adult would also like to have, not just something to throw away when you get home.  You & your child will get the names & contact information for several people who can help you, both at Lilies, and afterwards.  Please contact me with any further questions.
About me: I have 5 children under age 18, who have all been in the SCA since birth, so I have a good idea of appropriate projects.  I’ve also got experience as a Girl Scout & Cub Scout leader.  As a Girl Scout leader, I do get a yearly background check.