So, if you’ve got something to tell me that you don’t think I’m going to like to hear… don’t try to avoid it – I may have no clue that there is a problem.  And especially, don’t try to sugar-coat it.  I can usually tell if you are concealing something, and my cleverly disguised insecurities will run away from there.  You might be amazed at what dark places my imagination can take me.  So the truth, even if unpleasant and raw, is better than what my imagination can devise.

And if you’re just the messenger, you might as well tell me who had a problem.  That way I can attempt to repair any damage to the relationship.  Otherwise, I will play it safe, and assume EVERYONE who could have complained, DID complain, and walk with great care around ALL of them.  Such great care may appear from the outside to be Coldness on my part.  It’s not coldness, it’s fear of making even greater mistakes.

Lastly, don’t let bad news sit.  If I look too tired/hung-over/fried to listen right then, wait a week or so, and tell me.  It’s never good to hear about a problem 50 wks later.  By then I’ll have a hard time remembering WHAT I did, which will make figuring out how to fix it really, really difficult.

This brief message brought to you by the aforementioned insecurities, we now return you to your regularly scheduled packing for Lilies.