Finally ordered some of the cemetery books I’ve wanted for over a year, Finglesham primarily, but also got Mill Hill, Deal, both of which are in eastern Kent.  A book on Anglo-Saxon Smiths & Myths for Gerald, and a cheap book on Roman dress accessories.  The most expensive, and the one I don’t really NEED right now is the one on late 5th – 8th cent AngloSaxon belt buckles.  But if I’m going to keep up with the bronze casting, I certainly could use the 1200 illustrations.

My job with the US Census, which began nearly 8 weeks ago, is almost done.  So the money will go away too.  That’s why I decided to spend a bit on me.

Maybe I really will get off my bum and get a decent entry for Kingdom A&S complete – 6th Century Eastern Kent, centered around the village of Eastry, and all sites to be used as supporting evidence are EAST of Canterbury.  Acquiring the “correct” fabric is going to be the hardest part.  I don’t know if I’d do a championship entry, or just a tri-levels.  I think the SCA & mundane schedule is a bit too crowded to produce championship projects like I’d wish to enter.  And, I’m just not ready to say my metalwork skills are advanced, nor weaving, or lots of stuff.  I am willing to say that my ability to analyze historical evidence and cull out the necessary details for reproduction is advanced, but that’s not enough to carry any weaknesses in the implementation of the projects.  Or at least, it shouldn’t be.  I will admit that I’ve seen occasionally artisans with advanced skills, who falter on the research/documentation side.

Now I hope the shipping is speedy.