So, like I said, I was wandering in a lovely digital archive.  I looked at some the the manuscripts numbered in the 80’s, and then decided to go down and start with #1

There are a number of astrological/astronomical texts

But this post is a listing of ones I want to explore more.

Bayern, 1st half of the 15th century
,  Image 38 has an archer with a game bag, and I got tired of paging thru this one here.

Bayern, cir 1407  some nice ladies in GFD’s  and image 0015, a well supported lady.  On cpg14/0018, there’s a lady nursing twins  Is image 0030 the lady playing a game, or working with beads?  I’m tired of clicking thru this one now.

Stuttgart, cir 1477, a bible  I looked thru to image 0031  #17 is part 2 of that bible  As is #18

#19 is a different bible, Hagenau – Werkstatt Diebold Lauber, 1441-1449  & #20  (somewhere in #20 is an amazing intitial letter R – seen on the intro page, but I’ve got to walk thru the bible page by page to find the image in a reasonable size.  #21 is part of the same bible, as is #22, which also has an amazing page, I haven’t found directly yet.  #23 is still part of this same bible

Cod. Pal. Gem 24 is where I stopped looking tonight.