Once upon a time, I had many small children, not much money, and a huge stash of linen, wool, silk and cotton garments. My stash was (and is) enormous. At our Baronial Yule Court event this Sunday (2008), I actually did something concrete toward reducing my stash.

Among other items in my stash, I had a partly done cloak for the 5 yo that I made by recycling a pair of wool pants and a linen strapless dress.  You can see in the photo that the narrow parts of the pants legs were sewn partly together to make the shoulders, and the bottom hem is the widest part of the pants by the crotch. The extra fabric from the seat became the hood. By careful reworking, there is a cloak with hood, but only the long seams were finished on machine before the local event.  I still needed to fold and tack down the lining, and top-stitch around the front edge, and hem the wool.  (I cut it so the original dress hem is still the lining hem).  I got most of the hand work done at the event, except for the hem.  Sadly, the lining material is a little short (like less than 1 inch) in the center back neck.  So I’ll either have to patch in a bit more of the original dress, OR, I could follow use a wide ribbon to reinforce the neckline, cover up the gaposis, and make a way to tie it, all in one fell swoop.

This is one of the easy ways to utilize recycled garments to clothe children. (Ignore the weird shadow that looks like a lighter colored vertical trim.)