This is a Mag Mor baronial award, the Cambroges, given to say, “Yes, we claim you as a member of our group,” for Chiara di Paxiti.


I was inspired by a tile arch at the church of St. Severus, in Boppard Germany. I had wandered across this image in Bildindex as I was searching for sheep and fiber processing, and was struck with how lovely it was. Approximate date of the tile arch is 1201-1250.

The scroll was nearly done, and I learned the name I had been given was partly wrong. Enter my oldest child, a well-wrought hand-made tool. She was most skilled at mixing the gouache to cover black ink, so it would dry to the proper color of the paper, unnoticed by most. The only real way to tell is because the ink behaves differently on the gouache base, rather than just the paper.

Completed July 2008, with gouache and ink, and probably on Bristol Board. (I don’t use that much anymore, because the Arches Aquarelle Hot Press 140# paper bleeds less. However, bristol is far more affordable.)