Sometimes, for various reasons, an award is presented when there is not a finished scroll. Thus was the case for the Silver Hammer (a sciences GoA) for Malgar Thorvik. As a backlog scroll, I was able to consult with the recipient and learn more about his various crafts. We had a conversation at Kris Kinder in 2007. He is a merchant, and made both chainmail, and also leather goods. He is also skilled in outdoor cooking. His device included a metal buckle on top of flames. You often can’t pull every detail into a scroll, but I did find a couple of different examples to help me.

previewThe primary inspiration is the Manesse Codex, dated 1303-1340, folio 64r I changed the heraldry to Malgar’s and scooted the belts over a bit. Since Malgar didn’t really make the fabric pouches displayed, I just deleted them. That left space for a chain mail hauberk, as in the example from the Mendel Hausbuch, in folio 10r. The specific master pictured in that folio, Bruder Heintz, had his depiction inked about 1425.


I finished in the spring of 2008, and managed to chase down Garick and Yasamin at Lilies 2008 to get it signed.

Later, Malgar gave me a small bead he had made with a tiny milliflori Silver Hammer – I consider it a great trade. While many scribes give of their time and talents as service to the kingdom, it can have great cost. So to get a gift in return that took both time and talent, and that is period in size and form is most pleasing.

Made with gouache, ink and Arches Aquarelle Hot Press 140# paper. I included a fingerwoven seal tag with this scroll as well.