No pressure. Just make a Boga Hirth scroll. For Rolf Hobart, who is a really good scribe. (He eventually got his Laurel.)
097-m917_252-253Thankfully, St. Sebastian, patron saint of archers, was there to help me out. I found a great exemplar, the Hours of Catherine of Cleves (PML M.917, fol. 253), c. 1440, and didn’t change much. Even the slight lack of symmetry in the lower left-hand corner arrows is from the original example.  The pouches I changed to the Order’s and Rolf’s heraldry. The colors of the feathers alternate between the color of the order, and the Rolf’s colors.
I did get a photo of Rolf shooting archery, and with some digital manipulation, flipped him around and got a printed out exemplar for the historiated initial. I purposely picked a stance that didn’t require painting a face.
The seal tag was made by me. I had learned that seal tag cords were not always available, and decided I would always include a finger-looped silk cord, in the colors of Calontir and/or the order, when I made a custom scroll which will be sealed

Done on Arches Aquarelle Hot Press, 140# paper, with gouache and ink.

Given October 2007 – I didn’t get a finished photo of the scroll, as it literally went from the finishing touches of interlining, into Queen Jane’s hands, as they got ready to leave for Autumn Arrows. Thankfully, Rolf sent me this photo to use.