This scroll is beautiful, mostly because of the talented work by Honorable Lady Natalya Alekseya Vasilova. She did all the decoration, and it is magnificent.

I was tasked with the calligraphy. This was a long wordy scroll. Because the recipient was a dear friend, he wanted me to do the calligraphy, and I wasn’t sure I was actually ready for the big leagues. This scroll was done back in 2007, so my memory is murky, but I distinctly remember making an evening run into the city to get another sheet of Arches Aquarelle paper, 140 lb, hot press. I think I discovered I didn’t have the supplies I thought I needed. I’ve often just bought the 22 x 30 inch single sheets, (at around $7 each plus gas), and I believe this scroll was half of a big sheet. However this or this looks like a better deal, and yet still reasonable sized for most SCA scrolls.

Working with another artisan was hard, especially with my procrastination issues. I promised to deliver the finished calligraphy on a certain date. Then I screwed up the spelling of his name. And I didn’t have enough time, (or paper) to start all over, as I wished I could. So I can clearly see the way the ink behaves differently on the covering gouache, compared to the rest of the text. However, if you have to make this type of correction, (this involved changing several letters) covering the whole word is better than just the error, in my opinion. The difference is even more pronounced if only a few letters have ink that spreads differently.

This was a new time period for me. I enjoyed the challenge, although I can see my flaws. Yet I was glad I was allowed to contribute to Sashatec’s elevation. I’m also in awe of the detail work Natalya put into this. It is just spectacular.