Completely done at Lilies 2007. The paper was handmade, by Master Mighel, sized with hide glue made by Master Gerald Goodwine, and dyed with pokeberry. The text and decoration were done with gold and silver gouache. The calligraphy is modeled off the gothic hand used in the Codex Argenteus.

Argenteus 65 01The exemplar document is the Codex Argenteus, (literally Silver Book) dated to around 520, held by the University of Uppsala. The Codex was likely created for Theoderic, the Ostrogothic king of Italy.  The text was based on bits from Theoderic’s laws, promulgated in the 5th C.

This court barony was for Sir Riik of Flatrock, and given by Lorell & Cadfael. They specifically requested that the text not sound like the court barony was for service (aka work), but for giving wise counsel. I came to Lilies with supplies and research, but wrote the text, got it approved, and made the scroll entirely at Lilies. This was the first time I’d tried to use the handmade paper, and it was not nearly as smooth as the commercial paper I was used to. I also had never used hide glue as a size before, but just powered through my fears and inexperience. I brought along a gallon of natural dye made from pokeberries. I was trying for purple, but it ended up more a greenish. The humidity at Lilies caused some issues as well, but Sir Riik was pleased with the scroll.